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10 Michael S. Weiner In a word, what does the Foundation mean to you? The ability to make an important contribution to the eradication of this horrid disease. How did you get involved in the Foundation? When Hal passed away, a group of us family and friends felt that we should do something that would keep his values alive while making a contribution to the eradication of the disease that killed him. What is your favorite memory of Hal? I met Hal three days after moving to Chicago and we became and remained the best of friends thereafter. Since the Foundation's inception, how have you grown as a person? To be a successful contributor to the Foundation. The successful members have learned to be second to the Foundation. Why are you passionate about the Foundation? The Foundation has grown at a rate that nobody expected. We are now funding major research at Northwestern, helping young people prepare for careers in real estate, and allowing more and more people to make their contributions to the Foundation. What is your vision for the Foundation? That it grows to be a major contributor to research. Also that the younger members bring new ideas and take over the function of the Foundation so that there will always be a succession of people to run and grow it. If you could meet one iconic person dead or alive, who would it be and why? John Kennedy, my hero! Emeritus Board Q&A Who We Are Getting to Know the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation

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