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12 Who We Are Getting to Know the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Emeritus Board Q&A How did you get involved in the Foundation? Hal was a partner of mine in various real estate deals. I saw it as an opportunity to honor him and do good for the world. What is your favorite memory of Hal? He was always friendly and always smiling. If you could meet one iconic person dead or alive who would it be and why? Steve McQueen – he always had an air of "coolness" about him. He died at age 50 of cancer. Since the Foundation's inception, how have you grown as a person? I have learned a lot about cancer; I'm a 6-year survivor. Why are you passionate about the Foundation? Cancer really sucks and we're doing something about it! When the Foundation was established in 1999, what was your favorite song? Same as today: Time by Pink Floyd. In a word, what does the Foundation mean to you? We have the opportunity to change the world through cancer research and mentoring young people. What is your vision for the Foundation? Continue and grow in both cancer research support and mentoring. What is one thing people don't know about you? Why would I want to tell anyone that? Tom Collins Principal, Clark Street Real Estate

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