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13 Natonal Cancer Insttute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers 1 of 2 1 of 45 The Lurie Cancer Center is in the naton. in Illinois and Gifs from forward-looking benefactors and organizatons, like the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundaton , are catalysts in helping us to develop new areas of study and enable this research to fourish. 37 240 Number of clinical trials for GI cancer patents in 2015 Number of patents accrued through clinical trials in 2015 " Working together , scientsts, clinicians, and philanthropists, like the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundaton, will bring forth tomorrow's cancer breakthroughs." —Dr. Platanias Tissue banks, like the Harold E. Eisenberg GI Cancer Tissue Bank , are at the forefront of cancer medicine and help to equip the Lurie Cancer Center as it works toward a future that includes enhanced genomic profling oferings and personalized medicine. The tssue bank allows researchers to study what characterizes cancer tssues so that their investgatons can improve cancer preventon, detecton, and treatment. 4 Number of academic journals containing publicatons from Northwestern faculty whose research has utlized the tssue bank. Using the tssue bank, Dr. David Bentrem uncovered how beta-catenin signaling in certain T-cells contributes to intestnal infammaton and colon cancer in patents with underlying colits. Dr. Bentrem's research has been awarded a Natonal Insttutes of Health R01 grant, the most prestgious of federal grants to be awarded to an individual investgator. Through the Eisenberg Foundaton's philanthropy, we are investng in professionals like Victoria Maurer , a clinical research nurse who is advancing the clinical research eforts of the Lurie Cancer Center's GI Oncology Group. Victoria coordinates all ongoing clinical trials, identfes study partpants, and works with these patent partcipants on all follow-up. Partnership with the Lurie Cancer Center PHILANTHROPY IN ACTION Gastrointestinal Cancer Research

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