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18 This new initiative will provide three exceptional real estate students with a hands-on, comprehensive, and invaluable experience aimed to jumpstart their career paths in the real estate industry. The Scholars will have access to individuals and opportunities that will deepen and enrich their education and understanding of the field. They will be identified as rising stars to a large audience of potential future employers and colleagues. The experience will culminate with a $5,000 scholarship awarded to each student. Andrew Ahitow Steve Aisen Samuel I. Ankin Bill T. Barry Mark Baumhart Martin Becker Michael Bennett Peg Blanchard Peter Block Michael Blue Peter Borzak David P. Bossy Gunnar Branson Michael Brenner Russell Brenner Rob Bronstein Todd Cabanban Gwen Callans Todd Caruso Karen Case Jack M. Cohen Lynn Dubajic Norris R. Eber James A. Field Chad Firsel Todd Fishbein Pat Fitzgerald Harold W. Francke Joel Friedland Robert Jay Friedman Richard A. Frolik Michael D. George Ben Greazel Mike Grant Jeffrey B. Gurian Dennis Hammer Fred Heichman Mary Higgins Rick Hiton Andrew Hochberg Brian Hoffman Elizabeth I. Holland Michael Horne Richard Hulina Harry Huzenis Daniel J. Hyman Terry Jenkins Allen Joffe Bart Johnson Camille Julmy Sharon Kahan Tony Kahan Alfred M. Klairmont Will Kreuzer Jeff Kuchman Allison M. Kuchny Greg Laberge Rich LeBrun Stuart Lenhoff Stephen Leonard Michael Levick Rick Levin Gary Litvin Mike Mallon Kenneth C. Marino Mike MaRous Jim Matanky Lance Mayster Dan McCaffery Pat McGuire Michael E. McCarty Jeff Middlebrook Robert Miller Barry Millman Gregory A. Moyer Rob Nadler Michael Nortman Edward O'Rourke Steve Palec James Persino Jonathan Plotkin Jim Postweiler Donna Pugh Jim Pye Stephen K. Rachman Kristin Rankin Mark Robbins Marc Samotny Bill Shiner Martin Siegel Larry D. Silberman Sue Silver Joel Simmons Marvin A. Sotoloff Andrew Stein Gary Stein Marlon Stone Steve Stratton David Strusiner Bruce Teitelbaum Patrick Weibel Perry L. Weinstein Steven D. Weinstock Bruce Westling Andrew Wilson Ben Wineman David Wolf Lee Wolfson Thaddeus Wong Gary Wool Ted Yi Mark Yura Steve Zellinger Edward M. Zifkin S C H O L A R S P R O G R A M We are excited to announce the NEW Real Estate Scholars Program Announcement: Scholars Program Our Mentors A special thank you to the real estate industry leaders who give their time as mentors to the students we serve: PHILANTHROPY IN ACTION Real Estate Education

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