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12 Na� onal Cancer Ins� tute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers 1 of 2 1 of 47 The Lurie Cancer Center is in the na� on. in Illinois and Gi� s from forward-looking benefactors and organiza� ons, like the Harold E. Eisenberg FoundaƟ on , are catalysts in helping us to develop new areas of study and enable this research to ourish. 49 257 Number of clinical trials for GI cancer pa� ents in 2016 Number of pa� ents accrued through clinical trials in 2016 In 2016, the Eisenberg Founda� on established Research Scholar Awards, providing Lurie Cancer Center scien� sts with the resources and protected � me needed to ask novel research ques� ons and to explore new ideas rela� ng to GI cancers. These highly pres� gious awards will raise the bar for scien� c discovery by rewarding ingenuity. Guang-Yu Yang, MD, PhD was named the inaugural scholar and aims to develop a novel strategy for the treatment of the highly lethal BRAF-mutant colorectal cancer. Tissue banks, like the Harold E. Eisenberg GI Cancer Tissue Bank , are at the forefront of cancer medicine and help to equip the Lurie Cancer Center as it works toward a future that includes enhanced genomic pro ling off erings and personalized medicine. The � ssue bank allows researchers to study what characterizes cancer � ssues so that their inves� ga� ons can improve cancer preven� on, detec� on, and treatment. Using the � ssue bank, Dr. David Bentrem uncovered how beta-catenin signaling in certain T-cells contributes to intes� nal in amma� on and colon cancer in pa� ents with underlying coli� s. Dr. Bentrem's research has been awarded a Na� onal Ins� tutes of Health R01 grant, the most pres� gious of federal grants to be awarded to an individual inves� gator. Through the Eisenberg Founda� on's philanthropy, we are inves� ng in professionals like Victoria Maurer , a clinical research nurse who is advancing the clinical research eff orts of the Lurie Cancer Center's GI Oncology Group. Victoria coordinates all ongoing clinical trials, iden� es study par� pants, and works with these pa� ent par� cipants on all follow-up. Partnership with the Lurie Cancer Center Philanthropy In Action Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Since 2001, the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation has donated over $1.2 million to advancing GI cancer research and patient care.

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