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8 Matt Lesh Julia Klairmont Matt serves on the Associate Board and is an active member of the Real Estate Education Committee. He has been instrumental in growing the Real Estate Challenge into the success it is today. What motivates you? I'm motivated by the opportunity to learn something new each day and to help others. How old were you when you landed your first job and what did you do? I was 12 years old when I landed my first job as a paperboy. I learned how to be responsible, work hard, and deliver to a deadline. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why? Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was a business magnate, philanthropist, and a true rags-to-riches story. He led the expansion of the American steel industry in the early 19th century and gave away nearly 90% of his fortune to charities, foundations, and universities. My favorite quote from Carnegie: "I have the courage to surround myself with people who are smarter than me." What is your vision for HEEF? More extraordinary charitable work in the cancer research and real estate industries outside of the Chicago area. The Foundation is growing and more outsiders are quickly seeing the value that HEEF provides to public and private entities. Matt's secret: I eat up to 7 small meals each day. Julia serves on the Associate Board. She, along with fellow board member Mikey Mintz, is co-chairing the 2017 Eisenopoly Committee. What motivates you? My major motivations would have to be both client satisfaction and making my family proud. What is your favorite travel accessory? I never leave for a trip without my headphones and a neck pillow! Why are you involved with HEEF? For me, it's the perfect opportunity to help make a difference in cancer research while getting to know other like-minded individuals in my industry who share the same goals. What is your vision for HEEF? In the next 5 years, I see HEEF creating even more educational programs and events for young people in real estate, perhaps even outside of the Chicago area and reaching more college campuses, as well as making a breakthrough in cancer research and treatments. Julia's secret: I hate ketchup! Matt Matt Lesh Lesh Matt Lesh Project Manager CA Ventures Julia Julia Klairmont Klairmont Julia Klairmont Brokerage Associate Imperial Realty Company Board Member Q&A Who We Are Getting to Know the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation

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