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10 Kevin Wolfberg Joanne Campanile Kevin serves on the Board of Directors and is the Vice-Chair of the 2017 Annual Dinner. What motivates you? My family, especially my wife and kids. Not only doing things that are supportive of them in the short term but making the world a better place for them in the future. When did you land your first job and what was it? When I was 13 years old, I detasseled corn in Woodstock, Illinois. I hated it but my parents thought it would build character. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why? My ideal dinner companions would be my mother, who we lost to cancer five years ago, and Warren Buffet. I think the two of them would hit it off famously. There was still so much for me to learn from her and who wouldn't want learn a bit from him! What is your vision for the Foundation? I see sustained growth within the organization that is able to reach a broader real estate market beyond Chicago and also Chicago-based businesses beyond real estate. Kevin's Secret: I have a Masters in Tax Law and I formerly worked for two accounting firms but I've never done my own taxes. Joanne serves on the Board of Directors, the Real Estate Education committee, and is an active Mentor in our Mentorship Program. Why are you involved with the Foundation? I believe in helping students. I had a lot of people help me along the way and I think we can change the world one student at a time. What motivates you? I am motivated by building relationships with people, connecting people with each other and doing a good job at whatever I get involved with. When did you land your first job and what was it? I was in junior high school and I detasseled corn in Naperville, Illinois. I also babysat and weeded for the local garden club. At 16, I transitioned to Sears at the new Fox Valley Mall. I was a motivated kid. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why? Alexander Hamilton, I loved the play. At a young age Hamilton became an orphan, came to America and worked hard to get himself an education. He became one of our Founding Fathers and was the first Secretary of the Treasury, all through ambition and hard work. Joanne's Secret: I wanted to be a Home Economics teacher before my father "suggested" I try Business at U of I. Kevin Wolfberg Partner Schain Banks Joanne Campanile Senior Vice President Byline Bank Board Member Q&A Who We a re Getting to Know the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation

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