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15 1 of 2 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers 1 of 48 The Lurie Cancer Center is in the naƟon. in Illinois and Since 2001, the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation has committed more than $1.3 million in high-impact funds to support the advancement of GI cancer research and patient care. 47 211 Number of clinical trials for GI cancer paƟents in 2017 Number of paƟents accrued through clinical trials in 2017 Tissue banks, like the Harold E. Eisenberg GI Cancer Tissue Bank , are at the forefront of cancer medicine and help to equip the Lurie Cancer Center as it works toward a future that includes enhanced genomic profiling offerings and personalized medicine. The Ɵssue bank allows researchers to study what characterizes cancer Ɵssues so that their invesƟgaƟons can improve cancer prevenƟon, detecƟon, and treatment. In 2016, the Eisenberg Foundation established the Research Scholar Award , providing Lurie Cancer Center scientists with the resourc- es and protected time needed to ask novel research questions and to explore new ideas relating to GI cancers. These highly prestigious awards are raising the bar for scientific discovery by rewarding ingenuity. Ronen Sumagin, PhD , is the 2017-2018 scholar and aims to define inflammatory mechanisms and to test whether neutralizing them can prevent increased mutations and cancer. In 2014, the Lurie Cancer Center became the first academic cancer center in Chicago and one of only a handful in the nation to provide personalized medicine to patients with tumors – especially those tumors that are resistant to traditional cancer therapies. OncoSET (Sequence, Evaluate, Treat ) is based on the foundation that each individual and every person's can- cer is unique. OncoSET harnesses the power of precision medicine to identify tailored therapies based on the abnormal genes specific to their tumor. The Lurie Cancer Center is a founding member of the National Compre- hensive Cancer Network (NCCN) , an alliance of 27 of the world's leading cancer centers dedicated to quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of cancer care so patients can live better lives. Through the Eisenberg Foundation's philanthropy, we are investing in professionals like Victoria Maurer , a devoted clinical research nurse who is advancing the clinical research efforts of the Lurie Cancer Center's GI Oncology Group. Victoria plays an essential role and supports trial participants every step of the way. She helps to identify potential trial participants, educate these individuals about clinical trial participation and the particular plans associated with each trial, and works with each volunteer participant to manage symptoms and monitor for side effects. Our Partnership with the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University Philan T hro P y i n a CT ion Gastrointestinal Cancer Research

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