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5 A Word from the Executive Director What if we could do more to advance cancer medicine? We have been spent the last two years asking ourselves and our partners at the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center this question. We truly believe that through our recently announced $1.5 million gift commitment, the largest single gift in the foundation's history, we are answering it. This gift will fund critical gastrointestinal (GI) cancer research in three key ways. 1. We will grow the GI Cancer Tissue Bank, which now contains over 22,000 tumor samples used to advance clinical trials. 2. We will catapult the research of our 2017-2018 Cancer Research Scholar, Dr. Sumagin, to investigate the strong link between colorectal cancer and chronic inflammation of the bowels. This understanding will lead to the discovery of new prevention and treatment strategies. 3. We will launch an unprecedented initiative to deliver personalized cancer treatments to patients with very limited options – the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation GI Cancer OncoSET Program. We recognize the desperate need for breakthrough science to create better therapy options for today's cancer patients and we believe in the enormous potential of this investment to advance treatment methods for patients in the future. Thank you for helping us to do more. Sincerely, Katie Katie Hurley Wales Executive Director Who We a re Getting to Know the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation

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